Nectar Collector - Quartz Stinger Tip

Nectar Collector - Quartz Stinger Tip

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 The Nectar Collector Quartz Stinger Tip is our latest offering in tip technology. We may joke about “just the tip,” but sometimes we really are focused on just the tip. The tips are literally under fire every time you dab, and since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we went to work. What we came up with will strengthen the Nectar Collector chain by making them more efficient and producing tastier clouds.

The Stinger Tip is 100% made in the USA, both connector and quartz. There’s no glue involved in connecting the tip to the connector, just twist it in, and thread the collar onto your Nectar Collector. The quartz heats up faster and cools down quicker, meaning less time waiting and more time dabbing. On top of all that, we crafted a wider diameter quartz that easily fits cotton swabs for cleaning.

The point of contact of wear and tear for dabbing is the tip, and we’re always seeking to go right for the weak spot and make it stronger. Once you have a connector, the tips are easily replaceable and available in refill packs of five or ten.

Compatible with all authentic Nectar Collectors.