Gemini Mini Rig

Gemini Mini Rig

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The Gemini Mini is a compact and sophisticated unit designed with all of the essential features you'd want in a dab rig. Its innovative design provides you with both an aesthetically pleasing experience and one that also ensures smooth functionality.

Thanks to our team's dedication to artistic exploration and creativity, no two MJ Arsenal rigs are the same. As a part of our Orbital series, the Gemini Mini is an outstanding dab rig that celebrates our passion for taking design to bold new heights.

Splash Guard

We created an innovative splash guard to ensure your smoking experience goes smoothly without any pesky accidents. The subtlety of the inverted cone shape matches the base while guarding against splashback and preventing unnecessary messes. The neck angles away from the rig to make your hits comfortable and catch every drop.

Oil Catch

This piece is designed with an oil catch to keep your water clean and fresh. The catch is located just beneath the receiver, keeping the oil close to the outlet to make cleaning and reclaiming a breeze.

Adding a carb cap from MJ Arsenal will limit airflow while still allowing you to pull crazy hard. With this sort of dabbing, your oil catch fills up slower—an indication that you're getting the most out of each dab.

Base Connected Puck Perc

The Gemini's built-in percolator ensures that every dab you load into it is properly cooled, bringing out the subtleties in your terpenes and allowing you to celebrate their true, full flavors.

The percolator's simple shape distributes bubbles evenly throughout your rig, ensuring that you only experience the best flavors your product has to offer.

Ergonomic Shaping

With a timeless shape and function, this is one of our most simple yet unique dab rig offerings. Its size and shape fit comfortably in small hands, and it’s easy to grip so you can maintain a firm grasp during intense rips.

The double ball provides both an aesthetic and functional feature that further filtrates the vapor. In addition to its filtration and splash-blocking benefits, the double ball shape adds weight to the center of the piece. This balances the rig and lowers the center of gravity so it won’t tip over when empty.

Double Ball Upper

The double ball is a blend of form and function. Vapor travels through the inner ball, through the puck perc, and then through the outer ball towards the mouthpiece. This mechanism allows the rig to be much more compact and durable at the same time.

The inner ball catches some oil as it seeps into the rig, making it far easier to clean with a pipe cleaner before the puck perc itself becomes dirty.