Apollo Mini Rig

Apollo Mini Rig

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Less air means more flavor, and the Apollo makes sure you get as close as possible to the natural taste of your concentrates. The narrow tubing ensures less air passing through the rig, resulting in pure flavor from your concentrates.

The Apollo also includes a few advanced features that set it apart from the competition.

Splash Guard

Long gone are the days of pulling a little too hard and ending up with an unpleasant mouthful of water. With our splash guard, the water stays contained in the rig. So, the water won’t go anywhere near your mouth.

Oil Catch

The Apollo features an oil catch chamber. The oil catch collects your concentrates as they drip while the rig is hot. You can then use them for another dab or even put them aside for later. This feature not only prevents waste but also helps you keep your rig clean.

Base Connected Puck Perc

The Apollo is equipped with a single, powerful perc that helps create the perfect hit every time. This puck perc rig breaks up your vapor into tiny bubbles, resulting in a smooth hit that doesn't leave you coughing. It will give you the cleanest, most flavorful vapor possible.

Ergonomic Shaping

We design all of our glass products to fit perfectly in your hand. The Apollo features a wide base that helps keep it extremely sturdy, preventing spills and accidents, as you inhale. Spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying your rig.

Double Ball

The Apollo's inner ball creates a barrier between your vapor and the water. It keeps the incoming hot vapor separate from the cool, filtered vapor exiting the rig. It also acts as a second splash guard, blocking water from ever reaching your mouth.